Using EOS and big data to drive smarter mining

EOS is Emeco’s proprietary fleet management and mining technology platform. EOS measures and streams fleet payload performance, dig rates, operational efficiency and machine utilisation in real-time so you can make more informed decisions, drive productivity harder and strip costs from your operations.

Measure it and improve it

Data collected every 12 months in the mining industry is more than the total collected since mining began. If you can measure it, you can improve it. The world’s biggest mining companies know this, and you can now gain the same intelligence advantage with EOS, as the global mining giants, when you rent from Emeco.

Benchmark against the world’s best

With Emeco you can compare your mine performance with over 500 similar operations around the world. Know what productivity levels and cost per tonne you should be achieving so you can set realistic and achievable targets.

A team to help you optimise production

Performance data can be streamed instantaneously back to individual operators so payloads can be optimised for digging conditions, while live dashboards give supervisors and managers the ability to monitor and manage production in real-time. We also have onsite engineers and engineers at Emeco’s Operations Hub in Australia to help you analyse the data and work with you to maximise equipment utilisation, payload management and excavator and load and haul productivity.

Available when you rent from Emeco

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars on a fleet management system when you rent from Emeco. EOS is included as standard when you employ our Performance Rental solution.

See how our customers are using EOS

How EOS works

Tracking technology

Your rental equipment is delivered complete with EOS tracking hardware installed. EOS integrates seamlessly onsite with your existing technical planning and communications systems and uses 3G, Wifi or WiMax technologies making it flexible and low-cost to implement.

Data streaming

Data from equipment is streamed continuously to the Emeco Operations Hub in Australia, accurately measuring everything from fleet payload performance, dig rates, operational efficiency and time utilisation to asset health across the whole fleet.

Your mine performance in real-time

Performance feedback can then be streamed directly back to operators, while live dashboards provide supervisors and managers with critical information to manage and optimise operations in real-time. Rather than overloading you with data, EOS is tailored to provide you with the insights and KPIs you need in a user-friendly and visually intuitive way.