World #1 in mining equipment rental

Established in Australia in 1972, Emeco provides safe, reliable and maintained equipment to the global mining industry. Today, Emeco’s major operations are based across Australia.

Our experienced, customer-focused teams are industry leaders in providing mining companies with tailored fleets of maintained, best-in-class equipment to the go line to support onsite production schedules.

Emeco was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2006 (ASX code: EHL). More information relating to the financial performance of Emeco can be found in the Investor Centre of this website.

About our business

Emeco’s mission is to become the world’s leading earthmoving solutions provider

Emeco is uncompromising about its commitment to its values of ‘doing what it says it will do’ and ‘thinking outside the box’ for customers.

Emeco has embedded innovation into every aspect of its business – people, processes and customer management – and its ability to ‘keep innovating’ will determine its success over the long-term.