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Response to LR 3.19 Enquiry

Thank you for your letter of 5 September 2008.
You requested we respond to the following three questions:

Please explain why the Appendix 3Y in respect of Mr McCullagh's interest in Emeco was lodged late.

The circumstances in relation to Mr McCullagh's interest in the 144,422 Emeco shares (Shares) (held by the company named in the Appendix 3Y dated 5 September 2008 (Previous Holder)) are complex. Emeco understands that the Previous Holder and Mr McCullagh implemented a strict "information wall" to ensure that Mr McCullagh was not party to, or in any way aware of, any investment decision taken by the Previous Holder in respect of its ownership of the Shares. This "information wall" was created to ensure Mr McCullagh's independence on the board of Emeco.

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